Category: National Security

Trauma in Ukraine

Below is a transcript of Ford Rowan’s presentation of at a conference sponsored by the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies and the Potomac Institute on March 31, 2022. I welcome the opportunity to talk about genocide...

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Unfinished Business

The most important happening in the last week of the Trump Administration is that something did NOT happen. The outgoing president did not pardon any of the persons who attacked the Capital. This cleared the way for the Justice...

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Uncertainty, Disunity and Injustice

IDI Podcast
A conversation between psychoanalyst Ed Shapiro and journalist/humanitarian Ford Rowan about Uncertainty, Disunity and Injustice.

Racial Trauma

A Dialog on How We Can Heal
With The Right Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.

Webinar: Beyond Isolation

Returning to an Undistanced Workplace During COVID-19

Weathering the Storm

The Coronavirus outbreak has renewed interest in ways that organizations can “weather the storm” if cases multiply.

Here’s a study that the NCCIA participated in producing.